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Food Done Right

The signature Clearwater Savor Dining Program at Clearwater Mayo Blvd represents a unique and creative twist on daily meals. Our professional on-site chefs take the time to innovate a rotating menu based around seasonal fare and consisting of hearty, healthy, and delicious dishes crafted with the freshest ingredients. You’ll be treated to three nutritious and filling meals daily as well as plenty of optional snacks. Our chefs are more than happy to make your food to order.

We want our dining options to give you the choice to expand your culinary horizons in your choice of comfortable environment. Choose between the outdoor Veranda Grille, the Crave Restaurant, or Forno Mangia. Wherever you go, you’ll be surrounded by a warm and inviting atmosphere, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet plenty of new acquaintances over a meal.


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Clearwater Mayo Blvd

6650 E Mayo Blvd Phoenix, AZ 85054


We have the great advantage of living in a part of the country renowned for its bounty and delicious cuisine. Our chefs employ the best and freshest of the season to make every meal at Clearwater extraordinary, whether it’s a lavish holiday banquet or the perfect burger. Delicious seasonal menus reflect our health-driven approach to aging successfully. Menu options are attractive, delectable, and nutrient-rich.

Family dining with delicious food and wine at Clearwater Mayo Blvd in Phoenix, Arizona

Menus Crafted With Care

Our professional chefs take great pride in their hand-curated menus. No matter what kind of cuisine you enjoy, you’ll be sure to find something you love at Savor. Whether you’d prefer a cozy, cafe-style atmosphere or an outdoor happy hour with family or friends, Clearwater Mayo Blvd offers everything you need for a dining experience that’s uniquely you. Some of the other perks you’ll appreciate include:

  • Unique dining venues: the Crave Restaurant, Veranda Grille, and Forno Mangia, plus the Silk Tassel Tea Room and Barley's Bourbon Bar
  • Three filling and nutritious meals a day plus snacks
  • Fresh, seasonal ingredients updated on a rotating schedule
  • Restaurant-style dining prepared by professionals
  • Dining alongside friends and family

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