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Live an Empowered Life during Retirement

At the heart of Clearwater Living is a thriving sense of community. Made up of residents, families, volunteers, and Clearwater team members, our environment is one that is supportive and engaging.

Using our Six Dimensions of Living Well approach, we offer a diverse range of daily activities and events. Designed to nurture the body, mind, and spirit, each dimension builds upon the other. This allows residents to enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We call our philosophy Empowered Living®.

Empowered Living® encourages and inspires each resident to pursue their passions, while remaining connected to the people and things that mean the most to them. Our communities’ lifestyle programming goal is to touch on each dimension of wellness five to seven times every week.

  • Physically Active
  • Mentally Stimulating
  • Purpose & Meaning in Life
  • Social Engagement
  • Environmental
  • Nourish Mind & Body

According to Britt Martin, Lifestyle Director at Clearwater at Riverpark, this holistic approach integrates educational and wellness programs in inviting ways. “We use the National Institutes of Health as a guide for the frequency of physical exercise,” explains Britt. “That means we encourage residents to engage in one form of exercise or another three to five times a week. It could be Gentle Yoga, Bone Builder fitness classes, or using our exercise equipment. Each resident is different and we offer many ways for each person to stay active.”

Getting to Know Each Resident

It all begins when a new resident completes our Resident Lifestyle Questionnaire. The information provided helps our team identify the resident’s goals and interests. Sometimes this involves helping them to reconnect with a hobby they let go while raising a family or pursuing a career. Other times team members encourage the senior to explore something entirely new that they’ve always wanted to try.

Another method for promoting lifestyle engagement involves the Clearwater Ambassadors. This is a group of residents who’ve been part of the community for a while. They extend personal invitations to new residents to attend activities together. For those who might be reluctant to participate on their own, an invitation can help make the transition go more smoothly. From art expression classes to Bible study, Netflix movie nights, and pub games, Clearwater offers activities and events seven days a week.

Residents also take ownership in the activities that are offered at their communities. In fact, you’ll often find residents leading workshops or fitness sessions. Two residents with an interest in art, for example, teach workshops twice a month at Clearwater at Riverpark. Resident-run programs are typically the most attended on-site activities.

Assessing Resident Satisfaction

To make certain that residents are happy with our lifestyle program, we ask for feedback regularly and evaluate each activity’s attendance on a routine basis. “We objectively gauge participation in activities and events, and spot opportunities for improvement,” says Britt. “In addition, we determine which residents are routinely involved in activities and those who might need more encouragement.”

This approach enables Clearwater communities to provide opportunities for lifelong learning and wellness that connect and engage each resident. That’s an important part of ensuring that Empowered Living® is a journey, not a destination.

Empowered Living During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, Clearwater Living has gone to great lengths to keep residents and team members safe, while also continuing to provide opportunities for residents to remain engaged.

Lifestyle Directors are limiting on-site activities to smaller, physically distanced groups in counties that allow small group activities. Scenic drives and picnics at the park give residents opportunities for outings, while still adhering to physical distancing requirements.

The Lifestyle team also organizes a variety of one-on-one activities from which residents can choose each day. Some include doorway exercises, a rolling book cart, art projects dropped off at each apartment or an afternoon ice cream cart.

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