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Considering a Move to Senior Living During a Time of Uncertainty

Spring and summer are often popular seasons for families to begin their search for a senior living community. For many, an independent or assisted living community offers an ideal combination of freedom and support. It allows an older adult to thrive while giving their family peace of mind.

This year, however, the world feels a little more uncertain. The COVID-19 crisis has created a sense of anxiety and fear shared by people across the country and around the world. Making a lifestyle change amid such uncertainty might not sound like a good idea.

Does this mean you should put your plans for senior living on hold?

For many families, the need to make sure an aging loved one is happy, safe, and healthy has never been more urgent. At a time when it feels risky to leave home even for a quick trip to the market, the worries about a senior who lives alone are significantly higher.

This may actually be a good time to research senior living communities and consider moving. Here are a few reasons why.

4 Reasons to Consider Senior Living Right Now

  1. Heightened safety protocols to help protect residents and caregivers

While senior living communities provide a different type of care than nursing homes, it’s easy for people to confuse the two. With so much bad news attached to nursing homes amidst the crisis, families might be fearful of any kind of community. The reality is that nursing homes care for some of our nation’s most fragile older adults. They are people with complex medical needs that put them at higher risk for COVID-19.

By contrast, seniors in an independent or assisted living community typically don’t have as complicated health issues. Instead, they are seeking freedom from maintenance chores and assistance with bathing and grooming, housekeeping, laundry and other activities of daily living.

As an added precaution, Clearwater Living  has escalated our already stringent protocols for infection control. We’ve also taken the necessary step of limiting visitors to only essential workers and suppliers. Even our own residents must self-quarantine for 14 days if they’ve been away from the community.

  1. Life-enrichment activities are scaled back to small groups

It’s tough picturing a senior family member isolated and home alone for months as we ride out this crisis. While self-quarantining even from family is necessary during the pandemic, it tugs at everyone’s heartstrings.

In our communities, we make it possible for residents to remain active and engaged every day. We do that by offering life-enrichment activities in small groups or in the comfort of their apartments. These diminished group sizes allow people to maintain the social distancing requirements that help to keep everyone safe.

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, our residents have enjoyed music in the courtyard, virtual exercise classes, and ice cream carts making the rounds to apartments. We continue to explore creative options for keeping residents happy and healthy while encouraging social distancing and adhering to guidelines recommended by local health officials.

  1. Video chat services keep residents connected with families

Another way we make these challenging times easier for our residents and their families is by connecting them with one another via video chat. For residents who might struggle with technology, our team members can offer assistance. We utilize a variety of platforms, such as FaceTime or Zoom, to enable residents to have virtual face-to-face conversations with those they love and miss seeing in person.

  1. Healthy meals and many staples are included

When your loved one is in a senior living community, you don’t have to worry about finding or delivering groceries or meals to a senior living at home alone during a health crisis. Our culinary team provides well-balanced meals and snacks every day. While mealtimes in the restaurant or various dining areas are staggered to ensure proper social distancing is maintained, meals can also be delivered to residents at their apartment if they choose or need.

Because housekeeping and laundry services are included in a resident’s basic services package, there’s no need for families to track down and deliver the cleaning supplies and laundry soap that are currently in such short supply. For the senior and their family, especially those who are separated by great distances, these services are a welcome relief.

Begin Your Search Online

If you aren’t sure what type of care your family requires, our 4-minute online quiz can help you decide. Our experienced team members are also available by phone to answer your questions about the different types of care.

Knowing what kind of senior living a loved one needs is the first step. Visiting those communities that might be a good fit is next. At Clearwater Living communities, we are currently offering live virtual tours for prospective residents and families. It gives you a safe, convenient way to get a look inside.

Call the Clearwater Living community nearest you to schedule your personal virtual tour.

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