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Holiday Celebration and Gift Ideas for Senior Adults

The holidays are certain to look and feel a little different to all of us this year. Concerns about the coronavirus are preventing some families from traveling and causing many seniors to limit contact with people beyond their own household. While it might require a little creativity, there are still options for celebrating across the miles and giving a meaningful gift to a senior loved one.

How to Celebrate While Physical Distancing

Maintaining physical distance from those not part of your household, combined with wearing masks, will help you safely enjoy one another’s company. If your family lives far apart, airline travel to visit a senior loved one might seem too risky this year. It can put both you and your family elder at risk of exposure. Fortunately, technology has made it possible for families to celebrate virtually.

Use Zoom, Skype, Houseparty, or another video chat platform for across-the-miles holiday gatherings this year. The face-to-face nature of these services is the next best thing to being there in person. You can ship your gifts to one another ahead of time and then open them during your virtual party.

If you need a few holiday gift ideas for your senior loved one, we have a few for you to consider.

Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Older Adults

  1. For the birds: Besides providing you with a stronger appreciation of nature, bird-watching and tending to feathered friends, even if it must be done from inside the home, has proven health benefits. They range from reducing stress to sharpening mental alertness. That’s why bird feeders, seed, suet, and other birding supplies could make a great holiday gift for a senior.
  2. Home delivery services: If your budget permits, consider arranging for gifts to be delivered all year around. Call their favorite flower shop to see if you could arrange a delivery once a month. You might get a better price if the florist has your commitment to purchase a bouquet each month. If the senior has a sweet tooth, there are a variety of options from which to choose. Cheryl’s Cookies, Simply Chocolate, and Grand Traverse Pie Company all ship tasty treats right to your front door. You can alternate which type of goodie you send each month.
  3. Robotic vacuum cleaner: Another gift a senior might appreciate is a robot that vacuums the house for them. The quality has improved in recent years, while the price has fallen. If your family member’s house has hardwood floors, there are robotic cleaners for those too.
  4. Creative gifts: Think about what hobbies and special interests the senior enjoys most. Are they an astronomy buff? Purchase and name a star for them from Star Register. An outdoorsman might enjoy having a tree planted in their name at a local botanical garden or park. You might also consider having a calendar or quilt made for them that incorporates favorite family photos. Sites like Etsy have vendors who offer a variety of personalized gifts.
  5. Support a favorite cause: For an older adult who seemingly has everything, another holiday gift idea is donating to an organization dear to them. You could also buy them items from the charity’s online store. A few nonprofits with online stores include Alzheimer’s Association, World Wildlife Fund, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Visit Clearwater Living This Holiday Season

If you’ve been discussing with a senior parent the idea of moving to independent living or assisted living, the holidays are a great time to visit and move. Why not celebrate the holidays with new friends at a Clearwater Living community? Call one of our California communities or the soon-to-open Clearwater at Rancharrah in Nevada to learn more!

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