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Senior Couple Physical Distancing

Please Stop Telling Seniors to Social Distance

If you’ve been wondering why health experts are telling people they need to social distance to be safe during the COVID-19 crisis, you aren’t alone. At a time when our nation is suffering from extreme levels of stress, remaining connected to friends and loved ones is essential. We need the companionship and support of those we care about more than ever.

So why is everyone requesting we social distance from one another?

As it turns out, it’s a poor turn of phrase that’s to blame. The words social distancing don’t actually describe the action everyone needs to take to lower the risk for contracting the coronavirus. A better choice to use instead is physical distancing.

Keep Your Distance: How COVID-19 Spreads

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), COVID-19 mainly spreads through respiratory droplets. Being close to an infected person who coughs, sneezes, talks, sings, or raises their voice puts you at risk. The droplets can land in your mouth or nose and be inhaled into the lungs. You can develop the coronavirus as long as two weeks after exposure.

While much about the virus remains unknown, researchers agree that coming into close physical proximity with an infected person puts your health, and potentially your life, in jeopardy. Staying six feet away from others helps protect against spread of the virus. When used in combination with a mask and good handwashing hygiene, maintaining your distance can dramatically lower your risk for contracting the coronavirus.

As we physically distance from one another, it’s important to remain socially engaged with friends and family. Maintaining meaningful connections during times of uncertainty is good for your mental and physical well-being. Isolation among older adults is considered to be a serious health risk. It’s linked to a variety of health problems, ranging from depression to heart disease.

Senior Living Promotes Social Engagement

Senior living communities are uniquely positioned to help older adults stay healthy and connected, even in the midst of an international pandemic.

Some communities, including Clearwater Living, are teaching residents how to stay in touch with loved ones using alternate means. For many, that includes connecting virtually. Platforms like Zoom and Skype allow for conversations that are almost face-to-face.

While the coronavirus has forced communities to modify how programs are offered, activities are still occurring every day. Some are one-on-one, while others take place in small, physically distanced groups. At Clearwater communities, our activity calendars continue to include programs designed to nurture the body, mind, and spirit.

Supporting a Lifestyle of Well-Being

Although the COVID-19 crisis means it takes a little more creativity to maintain a diverse program, we remain committed to doing so. Our goal is to create an environment that empowers residents to pursue their passions. We help residents stay connected to the people and things that matter most so they can live with a sense of purpose and belonging. We call it Empowered Living and believe it is a journey, not a destination.

Should you be interested in senior living in California or Nevada, we invite you to consider Clearwater Living. Call the community nearest you today to learn more!

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