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Celebrating Your Independence in a Senior Living Community

As our nation pauses to celebrate its birth on Independence Day, seniors might find themselves wondering what they can do to protect their own independence. The need to be safe, while also maintaining privacy and freedom, is a concern that is often expressed.

While it may seem counterintuitive, one way to safely hold on to independence during retirement is to move to a senior living community. Here’s what older adults and their families should know.

5 Ways Senior Living Promotes Independence

Senior living communities are designed to provide just the right amount of support, from a thoughtfully planned environment to a variety of services and care. It’s a balance that allows and encourages residents to live their most independent lives. The move gives families peace of mind knowing their loved one isn’t isolated and lonely.

Seniors can move to a community when they are still active but wish to be unburdened by the tasks associated with home ownership. As needs change and more support becomes necessary, a senior living resident can utilize more of the community’s care and services.

Five benefits older adults will realize after moving to a senior living community include:

1. Variety of features and services

Senior living communities feature a full range of services that allow older adults to thrive. These typically include housekeeping, laundry, delicious meals, access to fitness programs, and daily life enrichment activities. Many also offer a comprehensive menu of conveniences, such as concierge services, transportation, and an on-site salon/barber shop.

2. Maintenance-free living

Along with providing a variety of services and support, senior living communities free residents from the burdens of owning and maintaining a home. Everything from roof care to trash removal is handled—no more worries about lawn care, appliance repair, and household maintenance chores.

3. Abundance of social opportunities

Evidence shows that isolated older adults are at increased risk for health issues ranging from depression to heart disease. Senior living communities offer both formal and informal opportunities for residents to stay engaged and feel a greater sense of connection with the world around them.

Residents can participate in a Zumba class, attend an art workshop, a lecture series or simply enjoy a cup of coffee with neighbors. It’s an environment that gives older adults the chance to be as busy as they choose each day. Building Healthy Social Networks in Senior Living Communities is a quick read to help you learn more.

4. Around-the-clock security

Worries about safety when living at home alone can range from a fear of falling to concerns about crime. Another benefit of moving to a senior living community is being surrounded by friends and having team members on-site around the clock. Residents and their families appreciate having assistance available 24/7. Additionally, most communities have emergency call systems. They allow a resident to summon help in the event of a health crisis or another urgent event.

5. More care as needed

How much support an older adult requires can fluctuate over time. Senior living communities can typically accommodate those changes. For example, if a senior is hospitalized for a planned surgery or an unexpected illness, they might need more assistance after returning home. In a senior living community, those increased needs can usually be met. Once the resident has recuperated and is back on their feet, the added care might not be needed any longer.

Empowered Living at Clearwater

At Clearwater Living, residents benefit from innovative and holistic senior living. Our resident-centered approach stems from our belief that purposeful engagement and the pursuit of optimal health are essential to a life well-lived. We call it Empowered Living.

Call the Clearwater Living community nearest you for more details!

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