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Building Healthy Social Networks in Senior Living Communities

To one degree or another, humans are programmed to be social. Even introverted seniors need and want some personal connection. As we grow older, however, building and maintaining healthy social networks can be difficult. Work friends may be left behind due to retirement. Other friends might relocate to live closer to adult children.

Feeling isolated is not only unpleasant, it can be bad for your physical, emotional, and mental health. Unfortunately, seniors are more likely to experience isolation than other segments of the population.

Isolation and Older Adults

Research shows that isolated older adults experience health problems in higher numbers than peers who are actively engaged with life. Many health challenges are the result of bad habits that develop from spending too much time alone. Problematic issues often include:

  • Poor nutrition and bad food choices
  • Smoking or drinking too much alcohol
  • Forgetting to take medications
  • Spending too much time sitting

Recognizing this link between aging, health, and maintaining a social life is essential.

Stay Social and Be Healthy in a Senior Living Community

Seniors may struggle to maintain an active social life for many reasons. Sometimes it is because they live alone and no longer drive. Finding transportation can be difficult. Other times one partner has care needs that keep both spouses homebound.

Among the many benefits derived from moving to a senior living community are the social opportunities they provide. These communities help residents stay actively engaged with life in a variety of ways:

  • Group activities: Communities offer a robust calendar of daily events that can encompass arts and crafts, bridge clubs, Scrabble tournaments, and religious services. These not only give residents an opportunity to tackle new hobbies, but they also provide a chance to make new friends.
  • Wellness opportunities: Senior living communities offer a range of fitness programs, such as gentle stretching, swimming, walking clubs, yoga, and Silver Sneakers classes. Looking and feeling your best often encourages greater social interaction.
  • Transportation: For older adults who have given up driving or have chosen to limit their driving, the transportation services offered by communities is another advantage. Residents can participate in scheduled outings, such as excursions to a local shopping mall, casinos, shows, and restaurants, or arrange for transportation for a special event or family activity.
  • Informal gatherings: Having neighbors who become friends is another benefit of senior communities. Sharing life’s ups and downs with a group of peers who understand your struggles also promotes healthy aging. From impromptu gatherings in the dining room over a cup of coffee to meeting a neighbor for a game of cards or a drink during Happy Hour, senior living communities make socializing easier.

A Commitment to Inspiring Residents

At Clearwater Living, we are committed to inspiring each resident and helping them live their best life through our Empowered Living program. Our mission is to create experiences that celebrate each person’s relevance, allowing our residents, their families, and our team members to feel valued and vital.

Whether you are an active adult searching for an independent living community or a senior who would benefit from the support of assisted living or memory care, we hope you will consider Clearwater Living. Please call the community nearest you to learn more or to schedule a time for your private tour!

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