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Well-Being Through Innovation

Age Successfully with Our Lifestyle Program

We believe that healthy living and wellness for older adults is optimized by meaningful engagement with the world. At Clearwater at Riverpark, our stunning location in Oxnard, CA, combined with beautifully-appointed independent living apartments and an amenity-rich community are a magnificent foundation for wellness. In addition, we strive to provide our residents with opportunities to learn, contribute, participate, and have fun to make their daily experience all the more relevant and rewarding.

Clearwater at Riverpark

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750 Clyde River Place Oxnard, CA 93036

Good dining is imperative to good living. From right within the community, our residents have a world of options on the menu.

Activities & Lifestyle

  • Fitness programs designed to focus on the mobility and strength of seniors
    • State of the art fitness equipment
    • Professionally trained instructors
  • Brain health and fitness
    • Lifelong learning through guest speakers, lectures and peer group sharing
    • Stay relevant on current events and recent trends
  • Special events, entertainment, celebrations & parties
    • Have Fun!
    • Play!
  • Stay connected to family, friends, church & local community
    • Volunteerism – plenty of opportunities to give back
    • Virtual connectivity through technology devices
    • Join a club/start a club
    • Invite family and friends to join you for a meal
    • Host a private function
  • Creativity & Culture
    • Performing arts, theatre, movies
    • Art studio – self-guided and artisan-led arts, crafts, photography, and more



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Live with Curiosity & Purpose

Passion and purpose are superb long-distance motivators, as are meaningful relationships with others. A lifestyle of wellness achieves a balance of exploring the new and nurturing the familiar. Through our Lifestyle programs we collaborate with residents to empower them to exercise their curiosity and stretch their experience every day.

Clearwater at Riverpark is so much more than independent living apartments—we are a community of passionate individuals who create a culture of creativity and inspiration for every day. Through Lifestyle programs, we support residents in nourishing their individual minds, bodies, and spirits. Successful aging embraces the following tenets:

  • Physical Activity
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Strong Social Engagement
  • Purpose & Meaning in Life
  • Nourishment for Body & Soul
  • Environment That Supports This Lifestyle

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Independent Living

Contact us to learn more about our Lifestyle programs at Clearwater at Riverpark. Better yet, schedule a tour and experience a broader horizon for independent living.