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Facts and Myths

What Are the Common Myths about Senior Living Communities?

Senior care options are noticeably different today than in decades past. The choices have evolved to meet the desires and needs of more active and engaged older adults, and that includes a wide variety of assisted living communities. Today’s seniors are looking for assisted living communities that provide just the right amount of support to remain safely independent.

Despite the evolution of assisted living communities, negative stereotypes and myths remain. Some may cause older adults to resist making a much-needed move.

In honor of National Assisted Living Week, celebrated from September 8–14, we are separating fact from fiction about this beneficial type of senior housing. It may help you influence a senior loved one that moving to an assisted living community will allow them to enjoy a better quality of life.

Busting Common Myths about Assisted Living

Myth: Assisted living is too expensive for the average senior. Only well-to-do retirees can afford to move to an assisted living community.

Fact: When you add up all the services, programs, and amenities included in the monthly rental rate, it is easy to see just how affordable an assisted living community can be. Even if your senior loved one’s home mortgage is paid in full, there are still many fixed and unforeseen expenses to pay.

Utilities, homeowner’s insurance, property tax, routine maintenance, appliance repairs, lawn care, transportation, and groceries can take a big bite out of a retiree’s budget. Housekeeping assistance, laundry, and a fitness club membership are others. Most of these expenses, including meals, are included in the monthly rent for assisted living.

Myth: Assisted living communities have limited menu options and lower-quality food.

Fact: Once you enjoy a meal at an assisted living community, you’ll see how false this is. Many assisted living communities offer a wide variety of seasonal and nutritious menu options, with meals prepared under the direction of a chef. Residents may also have a choice of enjoying their meals across multiple dining venues.

At Clearwater Living communities, for example, our Savor Dining program gives residents options for where they will dine—including al fresco—and what they will eat.

Myth: Assisted living communities force residents to participate in boring activities, such as card games and Bingo.

Fact: Assisted living communities offer a wide variety of activities designed to engage and nurture the body, mind, and spirit. While Bingo may be one, there are many more to choose from. Residents can take part in art workshops, musical programs, container gardening, card tournaments, computer classes, wellness programs, and much more.

Myth: Assisted living communities look lonely and depressing.

Fact: Today’s assisted living communities are usually visually appealing and attractively furnished. They are designed to look and feel less clinical or institutional than nursing care communities of the past. Most have common areas for residents to relax or socialize, a variety of settings for dining, as well as some unique features such as multi-purpose and poker rooms, movie theaters, beauty/barber salons, art studios and fitness centers. When you visit, you’ll typically find residents engaged in various formal and informal activities.

The best way to experience and learn more about the benefits of assisted living is to visit in person. Call the Clearwater Living community closest to you to schedule a private tour today!

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