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To Live or Not To Live In a Senior Community: What's The Difference?

You’ve probably heard about how good life can be in a senior living community for seniors. Maybe you have relatives or acquaintances who’ve made the move. Maybe you’ve considered it for your older loved one and wondered just how much they would like it.

Can living in a senior living community really be that much better than living at home?

At Clearwater Living, we think the answer is yes. Because to us, nothing has a more powerful impact on successful aging than emotional, physical and social experiences, which is exactly what living in a senior living community offers your loved one.

Of course, your loved one could stay in their home and continue to take care of all the home maintenance and upkeep, plan your own meals, socialize and be around others they enjoy, and try to stay as healthy as possible.

But in a senior living community, all the resources to do all of that and so much more are already there—with a friendly, caring staff available to assist your loved one 24/7—so they can explore the surroundings, meet new neighbors, pursue their passions, and enjoy a carefree lifestyle with services and resort-style amenities at their fingertips.

Consider what a typical day at home might be like. Then think about how living in a senior living community could invigorate their days into a life experience that lifts their every moment. And most importantly, as their needs change, care services are available to provide proper support and give you and your loved one peace of mind.


What living at home can be like: How senior living can make it more optimal:
  • Have the same breakfast as yesterday, wash dishes, then sit back down at the table.
  • Clean bathrooms, tidy up the den.
  • Watch reruns. Call a friend, but they are out.
  • Drive to the grocery store on slippery roads.
  • Sit in traffic too long.
  • Finish shopping, drive home, carry all bags inside the house.
  • Check your to-do list of chores.
  • Delicious breakfast options made-to-order.
  • No dishes to wash.
  • Daily activity calendar with interesting and meaningful choices—so much to choose from!
  • Housekeeping provided.
  • Plenty of opportunities to engage, connect, and explore new interests and familiar hobbies.
  • Scheduled transportation to shopping & appointments alleviates the need to drive.
  • Full-time, 24-hour staff ready to serve.
  • No to-do list of chores!
  • Give up trying to fix the leaky faucet, leave 10 messages for the plumber to call back.
  • Wondering what friends are doing and wishing to see them.
  • Have leftovers again for dinner.
  • Pay landscapers, painter, and handyperson.
  • Try to go for a walk, but now it’s raining.
  • Notice the dishwasher is broken. Again.
  • All repairs and maintenance done for you.
  • Friends are steps away for sharing stories, as companions for meals, or to join you for a walk or a conversation.
  • Unique culinary experiences deliver the pleasure of fresh ingredients, innovative menus and nutritious selections served by a pleasant wait staff.
  • No raking, no mowing, no yard work, no home maintenance bills stacking up.
  • Indoor and outdoor fitness opportunities include exercise classes, balance, strength and more.
  • No worries!
  • Eat meals alone, maybe some unhealthy food choices.
  • Clear the dishes. Read about a movie you want to see.
  • Start to feel bored.
  • Sit on the couch. Again.
  • Get frustrated with the computer when trying to Skype with grandkids.
  • Start reading your new book, only to have the power go out.
  • Wish things were a bit easier.
  • Nutritious meals served in a range of dining venues ranging from casual to an upscale ambiance and opportunities for lively conversation.
  • Movie theater steps down the hall with free popcorn.
  • Activities calendar with evening concerts, happy hours, events, and other opportunities to socialize.
  • Computer classes and helpful team members available.
  • 24/7 emergency assistance.
  • No worries!

Ready to get more out of life?

Making a move to a senior living community is a big decision, and you want to take the time to consider all the factors. You and your loved one might be surprised how much more satisfying life can be when you choose this refreshing lifestyle.

More freedom. More opportunities to socialize and engage. More ways to live life your way. Contact us today to learn more.

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