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Older woman sitting in her living room being comforted by a nurse

Peace of Mind: The Safety and Security Benefits in Today’s Senior Living Communities

Aging brings with it a great deal of wisdom. It also can mean more vulnerability, especially for an older adult who might need some assistance staying safe, healthy, and protected from scams and fraud. That’s why so many families value senior living for the wellbeing of their loved one.

Senior living safety and security: What it can mean for your loved one.

This isn’t just about protecting an older adult from everyday hazards or flimflam. The added safety and security that senior living provides can also be about offering an enhanced quality of life that every resident can enjoy. It’s knowing important details have been considered and steps have been taken to provide a clean, comfortable, and worry-free environment. Being around others who care and are there to lend a hand or sound advice.

It’s giving your loved one the reassurance they are surrounded by caring staff members 24/7. And it’s you and your family having the peace of mind that you’ve made the right choice. 

Senior Living Safety and Security: More Protection

• Protection from solicitors

An older adult living at home alone can become the target of fraud. Door-to-door “handy men” and repair crews may find it easy to convince a senior a costly repair or landscaping project is needed. The so-called contractor might ask for funds up front and then never return. With no one trustworthy on hand to help with such decisions, your loved one could be bilked for a huge sum of money.

In a senior living community, solicitation is prevented by the mere fact that visitors must be checked into the community through a concierge or staff member at the front desk. There’s no walking up to a random door to speak to a resident. Especially in the assisted living and memory care neighborhoods, residents can relax knowing they won’t be prey to anyone who simply wanders by.

• Protection from scams

While scammers can target people of any age,Consumer Affairs says that people over the age of 60 are more vulnerable, and those over 80 report even higher financial losses. And while it’s true today’s scammers are quite savvy at reaching anyone through emails, regular mail and by phone, senior living safety and security offers the peace of mind that your loved one does not have to face this challenge alone.

Staff members are on hand to offer advice and notify a family if they suspect a scam. Your loved one can always talk to a trusted source. Plus, many senior living communities offer seminars for residents and families on how to recognize and avoid scams that specifically target seniors.

• Protection from falls and other risks

Even if your mom or dad has lived on their own for some time and are handling everyday tasks well, there’s always the possibility that doing something as simple as climbing a ladder to change a light bulb can lead to serious injury. However, in a maintenance-free setting, everything is done for them. No more worrying about repairs. No climbing attic stairs or carrying a laundry basket.

Senior living communities can help significantly lower the risk of accidents. That’s good news, considering that falls are the leading cause of injury and death in people over the age of 65. But as the CDC says, falls do not have to be an inevitable part of aging.

• Protection from sudden emergencies

Whether you live across town or across the country from your loved one, it can be concerning when a crisis occurs. Such as a power outage. Severe storm. Worries over cleanliness and home security. That’s why a secure environment with 24/7 staffing can be such a smart choice.

A senior living community is required by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to meet specific protocols for emergency preparedness to ensure adequate planning for both natural and man-made disasters.Whether it’s bad weather or adhering to sanitation guidelines, practices and processes are in place to help residents be more safe and secure.

Senior Living: Enhanced Quality of Life

• An environment designed just for them

Senior living is designed specifically for the comfort and wellbeing of each individual, providing an ideal setting for seniors to benefit from a fun, supportive community and enjoy well-deserved peace of mind. You can see this attention to detail from your first visit:  wider hallways with handrails. Good lighting. Elevators and ramps instead of stairs. Special safety details in the bathrooms, emergency alert systems, and more.Features that allow a person with mobility, cognitive or vision issues to move about more easily and confidently, which helps them stay independent longer.

• Ongoing health monitoring in assisted living communities

As your mom or dad ages, their health can change in subtle ways that they may not notice, or that you may not recognize. It can be subtle, such as a change in eating habits, or less energy in the afternoon. Or maybe they just seem a bit depressed. Things that you might not pick up on if you are not around them as much as you’d like, but a trained caregiver who is with your loved one daily would.

Residents of assisted living receive monitoring of health and wellness. So should things begin to change, someone is there to notice and keep you informed, so that if needed, your loved one could have quicker access to medical care than they might if there were living alone. This aspect of senior living can offer families tremendous reassurance.

• Companionship and comfort

Being isolated is more than an inconvenience, it can pose a serious health hazard for an older adult. Living in a vibrant senior living setting instead offers countless opportunities for social, educational and cultural opportunities that residents want and need to live richly. It’s easy to make friends and share memories with others close by. Such positive connections are a big part of senior living safety and security. Your loved one can be engaged, have a sense of purpose, and be inspired to look forward to each new day.

Today’s exceptional senior living communities offer generous amenities, meaningful services, support at varying levels of need, and safety measures to enrich the lives of residents and their families.

Clearwater Living looks to the future of senior care with a fresh vision.We call it Empowered LivingContact us to learn more.

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