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Older Americans Month: Getting Better With Age

Advertising might try to convince us that the younger set has it made, but we in the over 55 crowd know better! We’ve been there, and now we’re ready for some unburdened living. Just think about it: you no longer have to sweat the small things, nor worry about what others think. You’re more confident. You’re more relaxed. And your wrinkles mark life experiences and are uniquely yours—why not celebrate them? Older Americans Month is the perfect time.

Getting better with age: the perks.

More experience, more wisdom.

Writer Madeleine L'Engle said, “The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been.” You carry a life wisdom that can be in demand among younger family members or those starting out in their careers. You know what you can control, and more importantly, you’ve learned what you cannot control (which is just about everything!). Now you can really appreciate experiences, like family visits, reunions, and get-togethers with good friends.  

Improved reasoning

As we age, we are less impulsive. Whereas our younger friends might get “lost in the details,” seniors tend to make better decisions because we are able to take in the bigger picture. We do well in a crisis. We also usually experience less stress, because we tend to not overestimate challenges. We deepen our friendships and expertise, and shift our focus to the positive over the negative.

The joys of grandchildren and lifelong friends

You don't need research to tell you how good it feels to spend more time with grandchildren. Same is true with lifelong friends who know your life’s story and are there when you need them. Harvard Health Publishing reports that having close friendships can actually help strengthen your immune system, lower blood pressure, and help you recover more quickly from illness. So as you’re embracing getting better with age, hold your friends close—they are very good for you!

More time to get more out of life

Now that you’re no longer punching the clock, making lunches for school or worrying about daily details, you can revisit Shakespeare. Learn to paint, join a book club, or extend your knowledge with a class. And don’t forget about staying physically active. You can try Tai chi or chair yoga, join a walking group, and find new ways to feel better and extend your life.   

Getting better with age:  how to keep improving

  • Learning. Challenging your brain several times a week can help prevent memory problems and improve brain function.

  • Nutrition. Stick to a well-balanced diet and healthy eating patterns. Toss out unhealthy snacks and don’t overeat.

  • Exercise. You’re never too old to build strength. The National Library of Medicine states that strength training exercises build muscle strength and muscle mass and preserves bone density, independence, and vitality with age. Start slow, aim for a few minutes a few times a week, and work with a personal trainer if possible.

  • Laughter. Getting better with age is easier when you can laugh about it! Laughter boosts the immune system, promotes a sense of well-being, increases tolerance for pain and can burn as many calories as 15 minutes on a stationary bicycle. And remember, now you can be as silly as you choose…without worrying about what everyone thinks!

  • Leisure. Linked Senior reports that regularly engaging in fun and relaxing activities can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, improve memory and lead to better quality sleep. Many seniors find that the vibrant, engaging atmosphere in a senior living community is the perfect lifestyle choice in which to connect and thrive.

Senior Living at Clearwater Living can inspire delight in your everyday life 

Our holistic approach to resident-centered care and wellness incorporates unique culinary experiences, opportunities to connect with friends and family, luxurious amenities and services, and a robust lifestyle program. Call the community nearest you today!

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