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Young child hugging grandmother and grandfather near holiday lights and decorations

Give Yourself the Gift of a Senior Living Community!

The choice is always challenging. Should I live alone or move in with a loved one? Are home care services enough, or do I need something more? Feeling confused, uncertain, and scared is normal when deciding to move into a senior living community. We can make your choice easy and help you move in before the new year! Give yourself the gift of a beautiful new home at our senior living community for the holidays!

First, how does one enjoy senior living during the holidays? Allow us to help bring holiday cheer to your new home!

How to Enjoy the Holidays in a Senior Living Community

Though the holiday season might look different for your family once you move into a senior living community, holidays can remain fun, festive, and meaningful. Each season brings new opportunities to create new traditions and memories. Peruse a few tips to keep this holiday season special!

Include Loved Ones in Holiday Planning: Plan holiday activities to help keep everyone's holiday spirit alive! Instead of relying on current family traditions, discuss ways to celebrate holidays within your new home. Allow different opinions and ideas to make the holiday something special. Bringing extra people in for celebration plans can keep the party unique and allow new traditions to form.

Deck the Halls: Plan a date and have your family members help decorate your new home. If possible, include decorations with sentimental value - like an ornament made from one of your children's toys or something else that is special to you.

Enjoy festive holiday music while creating new memories, and don't forget the holidays aren't complete without a fun do-it-yourself project! Ask your grandchildren to help you create holiday decor with popsicle sticks and construction paper. You can even include new friends you make in your community! When it comes to the holidays, the more, the merrier! Spreading love and joy will make everyone's holiday more meaningful.

Organize a Gift Exchange: Opening presents together has always been an enjoyable tradition for many families. If you are passionate about your holiday practices, plan a day on which you exchange gifts. You and your grandchildren can make cards and other handmade gifts for each other.

There is also the option of participating in a "Secret Santa" type of tradition. Each participant will only have to purchase one gift for one person at a set dollar amount based on the name picked out of a hat. This gift exchange allows families to carry fewer gifts, spend less money, and reduce the overall stress of gift buying. Whatever form of gift-giving your family decides to use, celebrating in your new home will bring a particular thrill to these activities.

Join Community Events: During the holiday season, communities plan numerous holiday events to encourage residents to be social with their neighbors. If you're nervous about jumping into the social scene so quickly, request a loved one accompany you to an event. A familiar face may help provide comfort while you break the ice with your new neighbors.

Another way to create new friendships without the pressure of an entire social event would be to invite a neighbor to lunch beforehand so you have someone familiar with whom to attend the event.

Host a Holiday Movie Night: Holiday movie nights are versatile because they allow attendees to learn about other cultures and holidays. If you ask a few other attendees to bring their movies, you could make it a double or triple feature with a ton of popcorn and hot cocoa.

Holiday movie nights allow many people to attend since people will be sitting to watch the movie, so you can invite family and neighbors if you choose. Remember to include snacks like gingerbread cookies!

Now is the Time for Senior Living

Now is the perfect time to move if you plan to sell your home! Nationally, real estate prices have continued to rise over the past five years. However, over the next year, real estate growth is predicted to slow drastically.

Fortunately, Clearwater Living Communities are accepting new residents and can move new residents just in time for the holidays!

Transitioning to Senior Living Communities

Transitioning from living in your home or with a loved one to living in an apartment may seem intimidating. Clearwater Living will be with you 100 percent of the way and can get you on board as a resident quickly so you can prepare your new home for the holidays in no time!

Whether you plan to invite your family to your home, want to spend time with your friends, or cuddle up in front of the television for movies this holiday season, there is always one thing on which you can count. Clearwater Living will be ready to help ensure your holidays are fantastic.

Clearwater Living

Clearwater Living is a company that provides beautiful and innovative living facilities for those seeking independent living, assisted living, or memory care. Clearwater's number one priority is our residents. Each program offered by Clearwater focuses on health and wellness to ensure each resident is living to enjoy life.

Our mission and core values show we serve with passion and value relationships. We insist on open lines of communication and absolute transparency when speaking with residents and their loved ones. Solid collaboration is how we create individual health plans and care for each resident's well-being.

Start the new year right in your beautiful new home! Whether you are planning on moving before the holidays or are still trying to decide, Clearwater Living is here for you! If you're unsure if this is the right time to move, we invite you to take a short five-minute questionnaire to help you decide! Contact us for more information or to schedule a tour of our communities!

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