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COVID-19 Has Changed the World—And Clearwater Living Is Changing With It

Challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in many senior living communities rethinking both their environment and their services in order to promote greater wellbeing for residents and visitors. But even before the pandemic, Clearwater Living was busy transforming senior living to make it an ideal place to thrive. And with the addition of stringent protocols, we continue to embrace senior living during COVID with a fresh and inspiring vision.

Senior living during COVID: how we’ve used our experience to create the ideal lifestyle.

It’s more than an innovative approach to aging. At Clearwater Living, we are using our signature programs and abundant amenities to create an environment for senior living during COVID that can be richer, healthier, and more secure than staying at home. For example:

  • Large, welcoming spaces for socializing.

We believe purposeful connections with others, shared experiences and community involvement is integral to health and wellness. We call it Empowered Living. Helping each person envision what they want their life to be and helping make that happen, through emotional, physical and social experiences.

And with our unique design for senior living, we can make even greater use of our abundant and large amenity spaces for residents to enjoy while physically distancing. In addition, we’ve created more indoor/outdoor spaces for more robust activities so friends and families can feel comfortable visiting. Because we know that being together is not only good for the spirit, there are many important health benefits. (To learn more, please read Why Preventing Loneliness in Older Adults Is Good for Their Heart Health.)

Empowered Living also encourages our residents to pursue their passions and a lifestyle of wellness through our six dimensions of living:

  • Physically Active: Improve or maintain optimum health and functional ability with activities designed to enhance strength and balance of varying levels
  • Mentally Stimulating: Be inspired with creative classes and intellectual activities to foster continued learning
  • Purpose & Meaning in Life: Discover what’s in your heart emotionally and spiritually to find an optimal sense of self
  • Social Engagement: Engage with family, friends and neighbors through a variety of community activities
  • Environmental: Gain personal fulfillment from your environment by participating in activities
  • Nourish Mind & Body: Boost overall well-being with mindful wellness and culinary programs that offer balanced nutrition and a variety of delicious choices
  • Multiple dining venues bring people together.

Dining is another area where our unique approach serves our residents well. At Clearwater Living, we have always believed in choices—especially the choice of when and where to eat. Through our Savor Dining program, residents are able to enjoy meals in a variety of culinary venues, making it easier to dine together, or invite a guest, while still practicing protocols. From a lively happy hour with friends to a quiet dinner with family, our residents can delight in diverse foods freshly prepared and served in a variety of welcoming spaces. Appetizing, satisfying, nutritious—at Clearwater, senior living during COVID offers culinary excellence and the company of friends.

  • On-site care and therapy services for peace of mind.

Clearwater Living’s holistic approach to resident wellness includes access to personalized quality care and support. Residents and their loved ones can have peace of mind knowing that team members are available to provide the care services they require, including wellness checks and medication management. Residents seeking enhanced mobility, greater independence, and increased success with activities of daily living have the luxury of having these therapy services just steps from their front door, or even in the comfort of their apartment—which removes the necessity to go outside the community for outstanding care.

  • Strict protocols follow the latest guidelines.

The Clearwater team is pledging to be safe so others stay safe. It’s a pledge we make to our residents, our families, and to each other. We pledge to be safe at work and while we’re away from work by adhering to the strictest guidelines and being prudent as part of our responsibility in caring for the senior population. Because at Clearwater Living, we expect the best. And we know that our residents do too.

Senior living during COVID has faced many challenges. At Clearwater Living, we have been ahead in providing an innovative and safety-oriented environment for senior care—and continue to be a choice older adults can trust for an exceptional living experience.

In line with state, health department, and federal guidelines, we now require all our community team members to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Many of our residents have also been vaccinated. Overall, Clearwater has reinforced our standard infection control protocols and implemented heightened precautionary measures as recommended by the CDC and local public health officials. We will continue to monitor changes and update our guidelines accordingly.

We understand you may have questions and concerns about what we are doing in response to the pandemic.

We invite you to check out our response to COVID-19, or contact us today to learn more about the unique amenities and programs offered at the community nearest you.

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