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Clearwater Living Celebrates National Assisted Living Week

“Joyful Moments” is the theme for the 2022 National Assisted Living Week, September 11-17.

The annual, national observance, established by the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) in 1995, provides a unique opportunity for residents, their loved ones, staff, volunteers, and local communities to celebrate the individuals who live and work in assisted living.


“We are excited to highlight the truly ‘joyful moments’ in life during this year’s National Assisted Living Week,” said NCAL Executive Director LaShuan Bethea. “The communities where our residents live are so much more than just that. They are places where caregivers, residents, family members, and so many more come together as an extended family and create joyful, happy memories. After the challenges of the past few years, this theme is the perfect way to honor those relationships and celebrate every special moment.”


At Clearwater Living, we celebrate all the hard-working people who help keep our assisted living residents happy, comfortable and healthy. It truly takes a village, and we are very proud of ours!


National Assisted Living Week:  A Time to Focus on Exceptional People.

People who choose assisted living for themselves or for a loved one are looking for a lifestyle that lets each person live as fully and independently as possible with access to everything they need for successful aging. This includes everything from a comfortable and clean residence, to engaging activities and entertainment, to special outings, wonderful dining choices, inviting outdoor spaces and more.


All these things call for the services and dedication of an exceptional group of people—which is why bringing attention to their dedication is the focus of this year’s National Assisted Living Week. And it’s also why we at Clearwater Living are so proud to participate in the celebration.


Consider that in a typical day in assisted living at Clearwater Living, here are just some of the people a resident could encounter:



Health Services Director. Another person who is often checking on residents, the Health Services Director is a nurse who conducts entry and ongoing assessments, manages individualized care plans, provides clinical oversight, conducts wellness checks, and directs the care staff.


Caregiver. More like a best friend, a caregiver is usually the first person to greet a resident in the morning and the last to see they are safely in bed at night. Caregivers are there to make the day as easy as possible, assisting with dressing, bathing, grooming and going to meals. They often are involved in group activities and may go along when residents do special outings.


Medication Technician. When residents require the help of a caregiver to properly take their prescribed medication, these specialized team members assist with medication management and provide continuous monitoring of each person.


Housekeeper. Assisted living is all about letting someone else take care of the daily chores. Residents and their families can enjoy spending time together instead of tidying up a bathroom or emptying a garbage can due to the efforts of this tireless crew.


Food Server. The hard-working culinary team plays a major role in the comfort and relaxation of a resident’s day. Servers get to know residents and work hard to accommodate their preferences whenever possible. Families often enjoy dining with their loved ones and seeing how the dedicated team works to put a satisfied smile on their loved one’s face. With Savor Dining at Clearwater Living, that’s easy to do!


Lifestyle Director. Otherwise known as “director of fun & empowerment!”  Days in assisted living can offer a myriad of choices:  programs, events, games, trips, classes, and other special moments created by the Lifestyle Director. The goal is to help each person fulfil their physical, mental and emotional needs through individual choice and community involvement.


Shuttle Bus Driver. Assisted living wouldn’t be the same without a friendly, well-trained, and courteous driver ready to take residents on special outings, medical appointments, or to shopping destinations.


Executive Director. This position is the leader of the community and driver of culture – not just for the team, but the residents as well. Your loved one might not see this person every day. But then again, they just might, because the ED generally is a person who likes to get out of their office and mingle with residents, families and staff to ensure all is running smoothly. 


These are just a few of the many faces that might greet your loved one in assisted living each day. Others can include a health services assistants or physical therapists. Those who work at the concierge desk, greeting visitors with a smile and assisting residents with information and other needs. There’s also the maintenance team, there to keep the community looking at its best and promptly handling the simplest of requests such as changing a light bulb or help with hanging a picture or artwork in a room.


National Assisted Living Week Salutes Them All - and You Can Too!

Suggestions on how to observe this special week:


Visit a loved one or friend who lives in assisted living. You might even think of a former neighbor or colleague you haven’t seen in quite a while and pay them a visit to swap memories.


Arrange a tour of assisted living for you and a few friends for a firsthand look at what goes on there. People who are unfamiliar with assisted living might be very surprised how freeing and fulfilling everyday life can be there. National Assisted Living Week is the perfect opportunity to learn all about it.


• Finally, think about how you could make someone’s life brighter—inspire some creative children to write letters to residents or create artwork for their apartments, just to let them know they’re on your mind.


And to help celebrate National Assisted Living Week, you might make a point of sending a group card to the busy staff.  They’re very special to us at Clearwater Living!




Discover why our assisted living residents and families are so glad they chose Clearwater Living. Join us as we salute our terrific team members during National Assisted Living Week. And learn more about what senior living options might be right for you or your loved one by taking this quick 4–5-minute surveyContact us to learn more about our communities. 



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