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Can an Introvert Be Happy in a Senior Community?

The wide variety of life enrichment activities attracts many older adults to senior living communities. Living in an environment that offers ample opportunities to meet people and make new friends each day is appealing to many.

For older adults who prefer privacy and don’t enjoy group activities, however, the fear of forced participation might discourage them from moving to senior living. While extroverted seniors gain energy from socializing, introverts recharge their energy level by spending time alone. Introverted seniors may find community activities overwhelming, at least when they first move in.

That doesn’t mean an introvert can’t be happy in a senior living community. In fact, many find these communities an ideal solution. The key is to make sure you or your senior loved one understands residents are free to continue living on their own terms.

How Introverts Can Find Happiness in Senior Living Communities

  1. No forced participation

While senior living communities offer a wide variety of activities, clubs, and outings for residents, participation is encouraged but not mandatory. Residents are free to set their own schedules or spend the day relaxing in their private apartment.

An older adult who values their privacy can pick what activities they want to join. Options can include yoga, walking, and art classes. Each resident makes their own decision on how to spend the day.

  1. Privacy of your own apartment

Selling and leaving a private home can be emotional, especially if the senior raised their family there. While they might not have as much space as they did in their home, older adults who move to a senior living community typically have their own apartment. That’s important for someone who prefers privacy. Assistance is available for those that need additional support, but residents are still able to maintain their privacy.

  1. Flexible dining options

Lively discussion over a delicious meal may be appealing to many older adults, but not all. A more introverted resident may prefer a quiet meal. Senior living communities usually offer a variety of dining options to meet every preference. For example, through Clearwater Living’s signature Savor Dining program, residents can choose when and how they’d like to dine. It might be outdoors, in the pub or restaurant, or even in their private apartment. Knowing they have control may help put an introvert at ease.

  1. Scheduled support services

Another fear for more reserved seniors is whether they will be able to control who comes and goes from their apartment. They may worry that housekeeping and maintenance staff will arrive without notice. Unless it’s an emergency, that’s generally not the case. Team members are trained to respect and honor boundaries. Support services—housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance—are usually scheduled ahead of time.

The bottom line is that introverts can find happiness in a senior living community. Helping an older loved one better understand how communities operate may help them overcome their reluctance and make a move that will likely improve their overall quality of life.

Empowered Living™ at Clearwater

At Clearwater Living, we believe in promoting the six dimensions of living well through a balanced approach to healthy living and successful aging. We understand that helping our residents live well means honoring choices and offering opportunities for a variety of tastes and lifestyle preferences. We call it Empowered Living. To learn more, we invite you to call the Clearwater Living community nearest you to schedule a private tour.

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