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Seniors Playing Chess with Face Masks On

Back to a New Normal: Assisted Living is a Good Option Now

If you are considering senior living for yourself, or for a loved one, you might be wondering what it's like now that COVID-19 is increasingly in the rear-view mirror. Are residents of assisted living able to enjoy the many benefits of this option once again for supportive care? The answer is yes: more and more assisted living communities are returning back to normal by bringing back everything from social dining and group activities to eased visitation and more.

Why is assisted living a good option now?

Adult children are back at work.

As society gets back on its feet, and more adult children return to work, it can leave a homebound senior without a safety net for medications, meals, errands, or home emergencies like a power outage or other issues. That is hard on both the senior and the family. However, senior living can now be a win-win situation: residents receive the support and care they need to reclaim their independence, and family members enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved one is comfortable and cared for.  

Safety is a priority.

In-home therapists and visiting nurses come and go, increasing the risks of exposure for vulnerable seniors. Not to mention the scheduling nightmare. Senior living communities are going above and beyond with protocols that exceed what is required to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and maximize containment. Hand sanitizer stations, frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces, regular testing and a robust vaccination program are in place. 

Isolation is a thing of the past.

Sitting on the couch alone is not only boring, but also, it is bad for you and can lead to depression, high blood pressure and early mortality. That is why senior living now is the perfect antidote. Friends are right next door, down the hall, at dinner, and just about anywhere you choose to go. It is easy to strike up a conversation and share a laugh. And if you want some alone time, simply retreat to your residence. But if you are ready for a game of cards, a singalong or just a walk through a garden, you don’t have to be alone.

Mealtimes are a pleasure.

It can be hard for seniors to get the nutrition they need, much less regularly enjoy inventive, nourishing meals. Move into senior living now and that’s exactly what you’ll find!  Many communities offer meals created by professional chefs and approved by dietitians that not only are flavorful, but they also meet dietary restrictions. And you don't have to drive to the grocery store, carry in the bags, cook the food or even—here’s the best part—wash the dishes!

Our noggins need exercise.

If the pandemic has felt like a long, cold winter with nothing to stimulate your brain, you are in for something wonderful. Senior living can open up a whole new world to explore. Whether it’s a fascinating lecture on vineyards in Italy, brain teasers, learning how to arrange flowers, making crafts, or taking a computer class, there is lots to choose from. And that’s great news! The more we learn, the more neurons our brains generate…which can lead to improved memory, attention and thinking skills.  

Care is right there.

When a medical emergency occurs, help is needed right away. In assisted living, that help is close by. Trained, caring staff not only monitor changes in health but can also assist with medications and other activities of daily living such as dressing and bathing. Quality assisted living communities are committed to providing exceptional experiences to their residents, and peace of mind to their families. That is a huge benefit of choosing assisted living now.

Your family can be your family again.

Having responsibility for the safety and welfare of a loved one is a difficult task for anyone. Roles become confused and stress can get in the way of the parent, child, and spouse’s relationships. Assisted living now can be a breath of fresh air. As a resident, you can enjoy a sense of independence, engagement, and satisfaction, while your adult children can once again just be your children. Family visits are positive and enjoyable again.


Assisted Living at Clearwater Living could be just right

At Clearwater Living, we are committed to ensuring our residents are well cared for, respected, and, perhaps most importantly, happy with a living experience that is both inspiring and fulfilling. We would love to tell you more. Call the community nearest you today!

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