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4 Reasons to Tour a Senior Community during the Holidays

During the holiday season, loved ones gather to celebrate. With families increasingly scattered across the country, the holidays may be the first time everyone is reunited in many months. A parent who is considering a move to a retirement community might find this to be a good time to broach the subject with their adult children.

The opposite can also be true. If a senior in your family is having difficulty keeping up with home maintenance or if you notice changes in their personal appearance, it may be time for you to initiate a conversation about moving.

Talking about the future takes courage for both the older adult and their loved ones. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for families to avoid these discussions until a crisis occurs. Searching for an independent or assisted living community during such a stressful time may lead to making too hurried a decision.

Though the discussion may be a little awkward at first, you can take advantage of the fact that loved ones are in town to have this talk face-to-face.

Touring Senior Living Communities during the Holidays

While the holidays might seem like a terrible time of year to tour a senior living community, the opposite is usually true. From a plethora of activities to an opportunity to talk with other families who are in town visiting, here are a few of the many reasons to visit a senior community during the holidays:

  • Everyone can be involved: It’s essential to personally visit any community an older adult is seriously considering. You won’t be able to make an informed decision until you tour the community and ask a lot of questions. When multiple family members will be involved in the decision, having everyone visit together can be helpful. It allows each person to see the communities for themselves. It also keeps each member of the family in the loop so they do not have to rely on second- or thirdhand information.
  • Communities are festive: Communities have a visibly festive spirit during the holiday season. They are usually beautifully decorated, with a myriad of activities taking place. Scouting troops stop by, school choirs perform, and treats and goodies abound. Because they realize families are often in town visiting, most senior living communities hold open houses or holiday events for potential new residents. You can attend one and take time afterward to tour the community and ask questions.
  • You have a chance to meet residents and their families: Just as your family reunites during the holidays, so too do those of senior living residents. As you tour communities, ask the staff if you can talk with some of the existing residents and their visiting family members. Their insight can help you determine if the community is a good fit for you or your loved one.
  • It’s an opportunity to beat the rush: January is a busy time of year at senior living communities! The phones are ringing with families looking to schedule tours. Your family can beat the rush by visiting before the end of the year. In addition to having a chance to talk with visiting families, you’ll likely find staff members have more time to meet with you and answer your questions. Another bonus is that you will have first shot at choosing from open or soon-to-be-open apartments.

The same holds true for making a move during the holidays. A senior who moves during December can enjoy all of the activities and events the community hosts during this festive time of year. A bonus is that family members who are visiting can assist in ensuring the transition goes smoothly.

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At Clearwater Living communities, our door is always open. We understand this process can be confusing for seniors and their families. Our experienced team members will be happy to answer your questions and take you on a private tour. Call us at your convenience to learn more!

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